My biggest pet peeve…

My biggest pet peeve, in the entire world, is people who cancel or change plans, especially at the last minute.  I understand that sometimes emergencies arise, but an emergency is the ONLY acceptable reason to change plans with someone.  Last minute changers are even worse.  That’s like saying, “I have no respect for your time and pre-planning.  I’m going to alter our plans because there are more important things that I have to do.”

Even MORE annoying is when you’re doing someone a favor and they cancel on you…that’s just RUDE.

Seriously, it makes me ANGRY when people cancel plans.  I try to never, ever do it.  On a very rare occasion, I might bail on something, but only if I am utterly exhausted and I know I’m not sticking the others involved in the plan on their own.

Perhaps it makes me inflexible…but at least I’m not rude.

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