The Krissie Mix

In 2004 or so, I met a gal named Christy through The Rock BOat. At the time, I had no idea she’d become one of my best friends. Shortly after meeting her, she sent me a CD of a bunch of new music, complete with a list of dates of when the artists on the CD would be in my area. She did it periodically for a group of her music friends to expose them to new music. Well, I completely stole her idea and started making a quarterly Mix CD for friends to introduce them to new music.

I wrote out long “liner notes” explaining why I’d picked each song. Then I started designing CD label art. At first, I gave it to two or three friends and my favorite cousin, Meg. After a few years, word has spread, and it was 50 or so people and I was mailing two dozen plus CDs every few months. Then it exploded. At its height, I was mailing upwards of 100 CDs out to a list of people, many of whom I didn’t even know. I loved doing it, but my wallet was starting to ache. Blank CDs + envelopes + CD labels + sleeves + printing costs + postage x 4 times a year all started to add up. I eventually did the math and figured out I was spending somewhere around $2500 annually to send out CDs. OUCH.

Then Spotify happened and made it really easy for me to “go digital.” And so, since about 2015, everything’s been online. I’ve been slowly (read: at a snail’s pace) moving past mixes to Spotify. Some of the older mixes will never be complete, because they had songs not available online on them. But they’re close.

Recently, my friend Rodric asked me why I didn’t have a database of all my mixes online. Good question, really. Guess I just never thought it mattered to anyone else. Apparently, it does. So I put together this list. I don’t have the liner notes from some of the earliest mixes, and label art is a whole different story…but… what I have is here. I’ll keep adding to it over time until I’m done.

Thanks for the motivation, Roddy.

Krissie Mix Edition Liner Notes Label Art
Spring 2017 2017 Spring Mix Notes N/A
Fall/Winter 2016 2016 Fall/Winter Mix Notes N/A
Summer 2016, Part II N/A N/A
Summer 2016 2016 Summer Mix Notes N/A
Spring 2016 2016 Spring Mix Notes N/A
Winter 2015/2016 2015/2016 Winter Mix Notes 2015/2016 Winter Mix Label
Fall 2015 2015 Fall Mix Notes 2015 Fall Mix Label
Summer 2015 2015 Summer Mix Notes 2015 Summer Mix Label
Spring 2015 2015 Spring Mix Notes 2015 Spring Mix Label
Winter 2014/2015 2014/2015 Winter Mix Notes
Fall 2014 2014 Fall Mix Notes  2014 Fall Mix Label
Summer 2014 Mix, Part II
Summer 2014 Mix
Rock Boat XIV Special Edition Spring Mix