I Won’t Say I Told You So…

Every once in awhile, I get something right…

Remember back in December? When I did My Top Ten Albums of ’08? A little band from Cali called The Ruse was at the top of the list…Well, Ryan Dixon over at iTunes heard them and is now making waves for them, putting their “Midnight in the CIty” album on the iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast and now in the “What We’re Listening To” section of iTunes.  I’m tellin’ ya, folks, it’s only a matter of time before The Ruse is a household name!

The Ruse on iTunes

So excited for the guys!!

And while we’re speaking of California bands, head on over to iTunes and check out this great little band I stumbled upon… Venus Infers. It’s the perfect cusp-of-summer music. Super modern rock/alt-pop with surf influences kind of sound happening, a little Strokes meets Kooks kind of action. Digging them in a huge way!

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