New Music from Alpha Rev

I know, I know…I owe you a Rock Boat update. Maybe this weekend. But for right now, want to give a little pub to one of my favorite bands – Alpha Rev from Austin, Texas. You might have heard me gush about them before (we all know I’m prone to gushing). No gushing here right now, just some news….

This morning, “New Morning,” the first single from their Hollywood Records debut album being released on April 20, dropped on iTunes. The guys have had some great PR lately, including their song “Phoenix Burn” being featured on a trailer for the ABC Family show “Greek.” I have a feeling that this new album is going to be huge for them…so, be the cool kid that’s listening to them before all your friends are. Download “New Morning” here now, or check out this video of them performing the song.

Yeah, I know, I’m in awe of it, too. Flipping brilliant. I want to swim in Casey’s lyrics. And I just adore watching Brian play that violin. Will someone please sponsor me so that I can follow them on tour, please? 🙂

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