Snow inspires blogging? Perhaps.

It’s snowing outside in Charlotte…again. I’m convinced that there is some greater power that is really trying to challenge me. I have yet to start training for the half marathon…and it’s under two months away! Either way, I’m feeling in a writing mood, so here I sit, waiting for the Olympics to start, snow falling outside, and feeling content. The weekend is here…

Actually, I was thinking earlier this morning about how I just need to make a point of writing more. Once upon a time, eight or nine years ago, my friend Rosalie gave me as a gift. I blogged every day back then, steadily for about two years. It was a really happy time in my life, not just because of the writing, but I was inspired to write a lot more than I am now. For me, at least, the more I write, the more I want to write. I miss writing. I want to do more of it. So, I will. Maybe not every day, but I will be better than once every three or four weeks.

I’ve also been moved by my dear friend Erinn, who started a blog called “Counting My Blessings” at the start of the new year. Erinn had been having a bit of a tough time and decided that maybe, instead of looking at things through cracked glass, she’d take stock of everything that she is blessed to have in her life. And so, each day, she’s picking something in her world – sometimes big and life altering things, sometimes inspiring things, and sometimes just life’s little every day trivialities – and putting a spotlight on why she’s thankful for it. It’s a great reminder of how sometimes, we just take things for granted in our lives.

And so, today…I am inspired. To write. To be happy. To enjoy this quiet snowfall on a Friday night. Join me?

Happy weekend.


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