Olympic Pride…for those GRO Boys!

Like a lot of other people, I love the Olympics.  I am a sentimental schmuck…I freely admit that tear up watching people win.  And the Olympics ALWAYS make me proud to be an American. But this year, I have another reason to swell with pride…a musical one.

One of my favorite bands, and a bunch of seriously good guys, Green River Ordinance, was asked to record a song for AT&T’s Team USA Soundtrack.  Man, seeing it on the iTunes home page got me a little misty-eyed.  So excited for Josh, Joshua, Jamey, Geoff and Denton…and so proud of ’em

And of course, the song – called “Rise Up” is great…upbeat and positive and everything that GRO represents!

Go support Team USA and buy the soundtrack (or just the GRO track)…all the proceeds go to the U.S. Olympic Committee to benefit Team USA!

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