Something New: Brett Ryan Stewart

Okay, so something new to you all, not quite for me…but something worth buzzing about, anyway!  A couple of years ago, when MySpace was in its heyday and it was THEE place to go to find new music, I stumbled across the profile of a young songwriter living in Nashville, a fella named Brett Ryan Stewart.  His deep, smoky voice immediately appealed to me – we all know I like those gruff types.

I downloaded his debut album Necessary Lies and fell in love with it almost immediately, particularly a song called “Don’t You Ever.” Brett and I struck up a conversation, and learned that we grew up about 45 minutes from each other – he’s from Delaware!  So I took an even bigger liking to this Yankee-turned-southerner.

Over the past few years, Brett’s been honing his style in Nashville and will release his sophomore effort, Tilt, next week.  I’m SO super excited to hear this album…the few previews he’s let out have been utterly amazing, including the first single, “Home,” which you can pick up on iTunes right now.  Check out this video which contains the next single, “Wide Awake” and get to know the first soon-to-be-superstar from Delaware.  🙂

More Brett:  Facebook | Twitter

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