Today’s Passion: Brendan James

A few months ago, my music dealer (as I like to call her) Christy turned me on to Brendan James, a very impassioned singer-songwriter whose music is sure to evoke the romantic in anyone…I went to see him live last night and he did not disappoint!  And I think I might like him even more after he confessed that he takes life very seriously and takes some good-natured ribbing from his closest friends about being more light-hearted in his music.  Brendan, don’t change a thing!

This is my favorite song off his latest self-titled album that was released last fall (I highly recommend picking it up on iTunes for $7.99 right now – it’s absolutely wonderful).  It’s called “Anything for You”…I love the whimsy of this song, but also, as Brendan says, the idea that there’s someone you love so much that you would make the impossible happen for them.  I apologize for the shoddy video…I wasn’t in the best spot for recording, but couldn’t miss the chance to grab this.

More Brendan:  WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | iTunes



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