Something New: Aussie & Kiwi Lovin’

Perhaps it’s wrong of me to post something about a country other than Mexico on Cinco de Mayo, but… well, whom am I to battle my musical addictions?

Apparently, something in the universe is steering my musical world towards the land down under.  My best friend, Christy, is hitting Australia as part of her round-the-world honeymoon.  One of my other besties, Shelia, is absolutely obsessed with all things Australia right now and is taking a vacay there in December.  And my loves over at BalconyTV have a bunch of Aussie and New Zealand-based channels have now spawned two new musical crushes for me.

My iPod is currently stuck on two bands:  Australia’s Thirsty Merc and New Zealand’s Mercury Crowe.

I thought two things when I saw Thirsty Merc‘s lead singer perform “Tommy & Krista.”  1) This song could have been on the soundtrack of “Bosom Buddies.” (Lord, I miss 80s TV!) and 2) Holy crap, he looks like Freddie Mercury and Russel Hammond’s lovechild.  I thought the song was okay.  But for weeks I found myself humming the chorus, so I finally went to their website and downloaded it and a bunch of other songs, paying ridiculous Australian prices, because I couldn’t get the earworm out of my head.  And I gotta tell you, the more I listen to that song, the more I adore it!  However, it’s their song “All My Life” that has brought them up to “supercrush” status in my little world.  And I think I just love that so many of their songs are melodic gems with good, old-fashioned love song lyrics. But, I’ll let y’all form your own opinions…

Next up, Kiwi rockers Mercury Crowe.  You will NEVER find me turning away from a dirty, sweaty southern rock band.  And while Mercury Crowe might be from New Zealand, they sound like they came right outta the South and could be on tour with Will Hoge.  Hell, they’ve even got a song called “Carolina” (although it’s about a girl, not one of our great states). Guitar-laden, fist pumping awesomeness.  If you like old-school Black Crowes, Blackberry Smoke or The Trews, you’re gonna totally dig these fellas, I promise.  Their 2009 release Set Your Mind to Fly is good, but their newer singles show a ton of development since then.  Currently, “Ride” is stuck on repeat in my playlist.  It is a fabulous summer song….Here’s the original, “Oh my goodness, I’m in love” video from BalconyTV – it’s acoustic, but y’all will get it.

Join me in my musical land of down under love, won’t you? Seriously, kids, check these bands out.

More Thirsty Merc: Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

More Mercury Crowe: Web | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes | YouTube

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