Put This In Your Pocket(s) and Download It

The Influence performing Feburary 24, 2011 at 106.5 The End, Charlotte, NC

I have written before about The Influence, although probably not as much as I should.  This little five-some from Virginia Beach has spent the last four years climbing up my “all-time favorites” list – both as musicians and as people.  I absolutely adore them and their music, so it should be no surprise that their latest album, Falling Objects, claimed the top spot last year on my Top Ten list.  If you don’t own it, I will offer you a money back guarantee on it.  Seriously.  I believe in this band.

They’re a little darker and harder than most of the music I listen to.  I once read a review of their stuff that talked about how listening to them was like waiting for the thunderclouds to roll in from the surf, and I swear it said “dark surf rock.”  So that’s how I’ve always described them.  Lots of comparisons made by other people I know to their sound, but I don’t listen to anything that sounds like they do, so I can’t make a comparison.  I think Matt’s voice is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel (mixed with a little Seal).  My friend Jason says they remind him of Finger Eleven.  They draw influence from bands like Muse, Radiohead, Nirvana, Incubus and a billion others. They can go from being completely rocked out to totally ambient, ethereal and dreamy in a matter of seconds and they make it sound amazing. I can’t put them in a genre.

All I can tell you is that there’s something about their music that I just love.  Something about their five-way harmonies, and their sheer love of playing music – seriously, you have to see them live – that lights up every one of my musical senses.

So, needless to say, I was pretty excited when the boys posted some new tunes to SoundCloud from their latest recording sessions at Manifold Studios (right here in North Carolina, no less).  And, they’ve made at least one of them available for download.  Check out their new song “Pockets.”  It’s CLASSIC Influence stuff, and I’m loooooooving it.  Dark, dramatic lyrics and serious wailing from Matt.  The redonkulous dual guitars of Will & Chris (the opening riff, for crying out loud!) and tremendous bass lines from Tully (and I can pick him out on the backing vocals, because that sweet Tully voice just makes me melt). And I could never forget Collin, the madman on the drums (listen to the freakin’ cymbals!)… This stuff is GOOD, people.

Go download “Pockets.”   Listen.  Love.  Then spread it around.  This is music that deserves to be heard.

P.S.  There may be other gems on their SoundCloud page if you look hard enough – trust me, look hard enough.

More from The Influence:  Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes

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