Friday Awesomeness: Golden State

In 2008 while iTunes surfing, I downloaded a record called The Golden Rule by a rock band called Golden State.  I was instantly hooked, and they were on my 2008 Fall Mix with their song “The Static Between Us.”  Awesome writing, HUUUUUGE vocals, and serious musical chops.  Music crush born.

These songs are monster songs, guys.  Like the kind of anthemic, life-changing songs that you walk around singing all day long.  The soundtrack to your life kind of music. Think Queen epic.  U2 caliber.  Everyone in the car on the roadtrip knows the words and belts them out at the top of their lungs songs.  That good.

And here’s a hint to tell you when I really, really like a band.  They made a second Krissie mix.  Winter 2010.

So, aside from that stellar achievement (ha ha!), the band’s had a helluva twelve months.  Their songs have appeared on “Deadliest Catch” (in key, crucial moments, like saying goodbye to Captain Phil) and been used by the BBC as the theme song for William and Kate’s wedding.  Huge exposure for a little band…

Their new album, Division, is supposed to be released this week, although some sort of glitch has fans other than those in California who could attend the CD release waiting…And reading reviews like this one, which refer to them as having “The Bombastic-ness of Muse, the Cleverness of Catherine Wheel, & the Grace of U2” are making me so antsy to get my hands on it.

So…here’s the Friday awesome…check out their EPK for the new album.  I love this message…

“And the whole theme of this record is to pull you away from being just another number, another face, another name…to divide yourself from the mass….For everybody that has a voice, this record is for you.  When you’re stuck in that mass, in carbon copy routine, having the same ideas, the same thoughts, the same process…that’s why this record was made.  That’s why it’s called Division.”
– James Grundler, Golden State

Rock on, guys.  I can’t wait to hear it…and congratulations in advance.  I know I’m gonna love it.

More Golden State:   Web | Facebook | Twitter

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