Friday Awesomeness: Obey Your Guns

There are so many levels on which this Friday Awesomeness is actually awesome, I’m not sure where to begin. This week’s awesomeness belongs to Charlotte’s own Matrimony, a really great little indie rock band, and their new single “Obey Your Guns.”

  1. It’s a kick ass song that I can’t stop playing.  And clapping!
  2. The new video for the song is re-donk-u-lous fun.  Seriously – dancing!
  3. The video is shot in some of my favorite places in Charlotte, like NoDa.
  4. And perhaps my favorite part is that it’s shot by my original bartender here in town, Alan Daly, who left bartending a few years ago to start his own film company, Crown Alley Films.  He shoots amazing wedding cinematography, and now…he’s branching out into music.  He’s a huge music fan, and you can tell by the effort in this video that his heart is totally in it.  I hope it brings him so much new business, because not only does he have incredible talent, but he’s one of the best people that you’ll ever meet.

So, enjoy the Friday awesomeness.  Dance your ass off in your work chair.  Go have an end of the long work week, much deserved drink.  Pick up the song for free here.  Obey your guns.

More Matrimony:  Web | FacebookTwitter  | Bandcamp

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