Alpha Rev with Carbon Leaf in Charlotte

Coming to Charlotte on October 21 - Alpha Rev! Best news ever!

The fall touring season is really ramping up, and today, I got the best two-days-before-my-birthday gift I could ever get.

Was trolling venue websites to update the live music calender and there it was, on the Visulite website.  Carbon Leaf.  October 21st.  Normally, that would be enough to make me squeal with delight.

But this time…big, big, big news.  Tour support?  ALPHA REV.  Yes, that’s right.  My favorite boys from Austin, Texas.  One of the Top 5 of all time.  OH.MY.GOD.  I seriously felt my face getting flushed when I read it.

If you have not heard or seen Alpha Rev before… well, that just makes me sad for you.  They are phenomenal.  Beyond phenomenal.  One of the most musically gifted acts on the scene right now.  Cellos.  Violin – played by one of the most energetic musicians I’ve ever witnessed on stage.  Left-handed guitar playing lead singer.  Damn freakin’ orchestral.  Amazing.  Brilliant.  Every ridiculous over the top adjective there is.  Couldn’t be enough to describe them.

Buy your tickets for this one now, kids.

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