The Sunday Funday Playlist – August 7, 2011

And…another trip around the sun.  Birthday week has come and gone again.  Here are the songs that accompanied my week of cake and celebration.

1.  When I’m Drunk – David Philips

I stumbled across David on SoundCloud a few months back and then randomly happened to win a copy of his album, Heal Yourself Alone, for liking his page on Facebook.  This UK neo-folk songwriter resides in Spain and has played guitar with some AMAZING artists (Sting, Gil-Scott Heron, and one that will catch Stacy Gilroy’s attention, Richie Sambora!), and it’s easy to hear why when you listen to songs like “Love Is Gonna Ruin A Good Thing” and the very Marc-Broussard-ish “Right Back.”  He recently released a new album, The Rooftop Recordings, totally self-recorded and produced, and I’m SO loving this track (which, by the way, is played on ukelele).  And…huge bonus, he’s amazingly interactive on his social media sites, which I absolutely love. Go check out more of David’s stuff:  Heal Yourself Alone | The Rooftop Recordings | SoundCloud | Facebook

2. Three Tree Town – Ben Howard

So, I’m a clicker, we all know that. When UK songwriter Josh Bray (see this Sunday Funday Playlist) tweeted about a blog last week, I went and checked it out.  Music for Those Who Listen is my kind of site…and it just so happens that the first post I read was entitled, “Male Singer Songwriters Are Back.”  Hellooooo up my alley!  I went and hunted out information on the artists listed there, and fell immediately, madly in love with Ben Howard, who the blog described as having built up a fan base among the UK surfing community…um, the UK has a surfing community?  Anyway, totally diggin’ Ben’s sound and stuff.  Problem is, not easy to buy here in the U.S.  His Facebook team finally clued me in to where I could by his Old Pine EP.  This is my favorite track for the moment.  More Ben Howard: Website | The Old Pine EP | Facebook

3. Monster in the Closet – The Ascot Royals

BalconyTV, my go to these days for new music, aired and episode with this funky band from Canada a few months back, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for the song they played to be available.  Alas, no new album.  yet, so I’ve been listening to their 2009 EP.  It’s a little schizophrenic, but I can’t get over the vocals.  There’s something about siblings that sing together that is just perfection, and there’s definitely magic happening with these kids.  This is one of the slower numbers on their EP, but if you want a rocker, go check out “Zap Zap.”  Will be interesting to watch these kids as they grow – they have the potential to be as big as lead singer Ben Chauveau’s hair.  More Ascot Royals:  Website | Facebook | SoundCloud | Secret SoundCloud (with some new songs!)

4. The Race – Tim Brantley

Those of you that know me know that this man is no stranger to anything Krissie music related.  Tim Brantley is one of my favorite songwriters of the past few years, introduced to me back in December ’08 by my friend Gail, who knows my tastes almost as well as I do.  One listen and you can understand – Tim has an epic storytelling ability like no one else.  Gail flew into town this weekend from Texas to go see Tim in Chapel Hill last night, and his performance is every bit as magical as it was the first time I saw him – if not more so now.  So, in honor of the brilliance that is Tim Brantley, I thought I’d put up the very first song of his that made me a fan.  And, it’s a true story.  More Tim Brantley:  Goldtop Heights | Facebook

5.  You, Me & The Boatman – Quiet Company

It’s no secret that I love everything about Austin, Texas … especially its musical core.  One of my favorite bands from Austin is the always energetic, quirky, witty and hilarious Quiet Company.  In addition to having one of the most amusing Twitter feeds ever, these guys know how to rock out. Their new album, We Are All Where We Belong, comes out on September 30, but the band is giving out a little preview with a free download of this new ditty…an absolutely unique and wonderful love song that just makes me want to Phoebe dance around the room.  “May our legends live to tell, how I burned down heaven and conquered hell…” Freaking awesome!   Totally makes me excited for the new record.  More Quiet Company:  Website | SoundCloud (hint – more freebies!) | Facebook

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