The Sunday Funday Playlist – September 11, 2011

Posting the Sunday Funday Playlist a little early this week!  Football starts in t-minus two hours, and there’s a possibility of a few beers happening, so I wanted to ensure I got this out to you without Guinness flavoring. 🙂 GO PANTHERS!

1. Pink Champagne – Lovedrug

The boys from Ohio make their second appearance on a Sunday Funday playlist with their brand new single, “Pink Champagne.”  We already know that I’m a little addicted to the sound of Michael’s voice, but this song just makes me long for big, 90s arena rock.  You can download this, along with it’s twin single release “Dinosaur,” here.

2. Human Heart – Carey Ott
I wish I could find this one somewhere to embed it here, but alas, I cannot – so nip over to Amazon to listen to it.  I am a total sucker for TV shows where friends who are OBVIOUSLY meant to be together yet spend forever fighting it.  That’s just one of the reasons that USA’s Necessary Roughness has become one of my new favorite shows.  So when Matt and Dani got together this week, finally, I was thrilled…and this is the song that was playing.  Color me sappy.

3. I Like the Ones – Austin Gibbs

One of my Twitter peeps (wish I remember who!) tweeted a video for a clothing company this week.  I inadvertently clicked on the link and this song was playing in the background.  Um, hello clapping!  I immediately downloaded it and have been bopping my head to it all week.  Such an infectious little ditty!  Wish I’d had this one before the Fall Mix was finished…it would have been a great add!

4.  Black Sky – Alpha Rev
My love for Alpha Rev is pretty well-covered territory.  They just finished recording a new EP, which was done the way records used to be done – the band all sitting in one room, recording together. They released the first song from these recording sessions for free download this week – “Black Sky” (get it here).  It’s AMAZING. It’s not available on SoundCloud just yet, but here’s a video from when the boys were recording that will give you a little taste.

5.  I Was Young – Gossling
BalconyTV strikes again.  Gossling, hailing from Down Under, caught my attention immediately with her child-like voice.  Not all of her stuff appeals to me, but this song, with it’s bad-guy Western theme, has been on constant repeat this week.  I’m so digging it.  Hope you do, too.

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