The Sunday Funday Playlist – October 2, 2011

1.  American Dream – Will Hoge

The release of Will Hoge’s Number Seven this week has meant one thing…I have been a Will Hoge junkie this week.  The new album is amazing (read my review of the new album here), and full of storytelling gems.  This song is by far the saddest song on the album, in my opinion, and I absolutely love it.

2.  I Will Come – Alpha Rev
If anything got as much play as Will’s album this week, it was Alpha Rev’s new EP City Farm:  Roots.  These new songs are so tight and creative, I am absolutely itching to see the new band lineup live.  I am constantly amazed by this band’s continuing evolution.  This is my favorite track from the EP.

3.  No Man’s Land – Will Hoge

Yup, two songs by Senor Hoge on this week’s playlist.  Gotta be honest about what I’m listening to!  This song is a great showcase of Will’s humor…and ten bucks says you’re singing along after one listen.

4.  The Book of Love – Peter Gabriel

I heard this song in a wedding video that a friend created, and instantly fell in love with it.  If you can get past my tough exterior, I am a sappy romantic and this one hits all the right notes with that side of me.  It will be played at my wedding, if and when that ever happens.  Kind of appropriate, really, since PG is responsible for my favorite song EVER (and if you know me, that statement is huge)…”In Your Eyes,” if you’re wondering.

5.  Older – The T-Rooks
I’ve mentioned my minor obsession with local Charlotte artist Margolnick (and his previous band Flagship, as well as his side project, Jackal and Dice) before, and I’ve also previously talked about another local act, Campbell the Band. So, imagine my surprise this week when they announced that they were joining forces and forming a new band called The T-Rooks.  This new Charlotte musical powerhouse released a video for a new song called “Older,” which is ethereal and epic.  Going to be interesting to watch these kids develop.

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