Christopher Jak … Free Music, Take 2!

He may run, but he can't hide...Jak is back!

If you’ve never heard me talk about Christopher Jak…well, either you’re a new reader or I don’t like you very much.  In my top five artists OF ALL TIME, Jak is simply one of the best songwriters out there.  Period. The man is just brilliant.

In fact, he wrote my favorite line of any song, ever.  You can find it in his song “Something” … “All I want in life is just a color picture of beauty in a golden frame of mind…” It’s so wonderful.  And his writing is FULL of stuff JUST like this.  He calls some of what he writes “Sad Bastard” music….I call it genius.

These days, he spends more time producing that he does writing and putting out his own music, but occasionally, he surprises me with an e-mail letting me know he’s up to something.  This week, I got a note advising me that he’d put one of the EPs he released last year, The Folk EP, up for free download over at NoiseTrade.  If you don’t have it yet, I highly advise picking it up.

Let me give you some reasons WHY you should be listening to this little 5-song gem.  A) This is what the EP opens with…I swear to God, this is how the man writes…it’s unreal…. “I’m the human wrecking ball and you’re the love grenade, we leave a trail behind us like a suicide parade…”  B) Cover of Neil Young’s “Birds” that will leave you breathless…. C) Acoustic version of Jak’s own song “Begin to Cry” (which is probably his biggest sleeper hit)… D) This line in “Down Below”: “I was a man on fire asking you to dance, but having been burned before, you’re not chances on me…”

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

And…for you fans…rumor is that Jak has booked some studio time.  Perhaps we’ll see new music from CJ in 2012?  A girl can dream….

If you’re a new fan, pick up other Jak music here:  The Leadfoot Lover EP | The New Nostalgia | Applause of the Rain | (And here’s one that not many people know about) Christmas Wouldn’t Be the Same Without You (Breaking My Heart) – with The Heyday

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