Friday Awesomeness: Fort Frances at Daytrotter

Fort Frances at Daytrotter

Rich, heartfelt Americana from Fort Frances in this FREE Daytrotter Session!

My friend David McMillin can sing his little butt off (and it is little!  He’s so indie skinny!).  His band can play some serious instruments.  Together, they are Fort Frances, a little folk Americana band from the middle of the country … and they are everything that is good about music.   Today, a little session they did hit Daytrotter, and it’s up for free download.  I cannot encourage you enough to go get it.

Bonus:  the session includes three as-of-yet unreleased songs that are wickedly good, particularly “How to Turn Back Again,” a tune that has got my heart doing jumping jacks – it’s THAT fabulous.

Fort Frances Daytrotter Session

More Fort Frances:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Debut Release – The Atlas on iTunes and Amazon

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