Friday Awesomeness: A Lil’ Banjo with Beautiful Small Machines

When I moved to NC in 1998, I came with a fella.  We made it a lil’ shy of two years, but then called it quits.  I spent the next two years of my life redefining myself…It’s when I discovered my love of live music and my affinity for unheard of bands.  One of the CDs I spent ages listening to was Philly native Bree Sharp’s Cheap and Evil Girl. She had another record that followed it, but fell off of the grid for awhile.

A couple of years ago, Bree resurfaced, playing with an electronica-influenced rock band called Beautiful Small Machines.  I somehow completely missed that they released a single last month, a cover of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” – completely Bree-ified, rocked out with banjo, and I loooooove it.  Luckily, I follow some awesome music bloggers.  The RSL posted the video just the other day…and it’s freakin’ awesome.  It deserves this week’s Friday spotlight.

If you dig BSM’s version of the song, you can download it on iTunes.

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