Something New: Liam Titcomb

I love all music, but if I had to pick a genre that was my “power alley,” it would be singer-songwriter every day of the week, and three times on Monday.  So I thought it only appropriate that before I got to sleep to head into Monday, I share one of my newest favorite musical finds – a Canadian fella named Liam Titcomb.

There is nothing more than I love more than the sound of a great singer and an acoustic guitar.  Liam’s lilting voice pulled me in immediately and I made fast work of downloading his Love Don’t Let Me Down EP – which led to me immediately pre-ordering his new album, Cicada, set for release on August 7th. Anything this man sings, I want to own.

I’ll have to do a bit more buying because Liam’s been doing this songwriting thing for quite some time – he was signed to Sony Canada at age 15!  Apparently, the Canadians are trying to keep him all to themselves…why am I just now hearing about this talented singer?  Sorry ’bout your luck, Canada.  I found your secret and I’m sharing it with the world.

Here’s a video of Liam performing one of the songs that is on the Love Don’t Let Me Down EP and that will be featured on the new record.  I think I’ve played it 100 times in the three days I’ve had the EP.  Here’s hoping it gives your Monday a little boost, too.

More Liam Titcomb: Web | Facebook | Twitter

1 thought on “Something New: Liam Titcomb

  1. I didn’t realize that singer-songwriter was a specific type of music, but it definitely makes sense now. He’s quite good, good find! ALSO – I got your CD in the mail right before moving, so once I settle back in, I’m really excited to sit down and really appreciate what’s on it. xo

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