Three Must-Have Free Apps for Music Junkies

My world changed last October when I finally joined modern society and got an iPhone.  Haters, hate all you want, but this tiny little pocket-sized device has become my constant companion and made it even easier for me to be a total music addict.  I know NOTHING about interfaces and technology buzz words, but I thought it might be fun to share some of the apps that have led me to all sorts of new music. So, allow me to introduce you to your new app-addictions.

Got a favorite can’t-live-without-it music app that’s flying under the radar?  Let me know in the comments so I can get in on that action, too!

1.  Band of the Day | Download
What a simple, brilliant concept.  Build a calendar.  Assign an artist to each day.  Introduce others to it.  With cleverly crafted reviews, a streaming function that allows you to listen to several songs by each artist, and easy access to discography, videos and other listener’s thoughts, you can form a well-rounded assessment of the artist to see if it’s something you’d like to buy.  The range of artists is incredible, too, representing just about every genre you can imagine. With iPhone-ready reading screens, the navigation is relatively intuitive, although with so much to see and hear, you can spend hours clicking around, reading and listening. The only downside, in my opinion, is that there are no push notifications to remind you to check in each day.

2.  Tastemaker X  | Download
Imagine the stock market but instead of trading stocks, you’re dealing in artists.  Yup, that’s the name of the game (if you choose to play the game) at Tastemaker X.  This app lets you prove your ear worth by “buying” up imaginary stock in artists and growing your portfolio – and your TScore (sort of your rating as an influencer) – as others buy in after you.  You can trade stock back in at any time to get more notes.  There’s no way to really buy notes with real dollars yet – you can only earn them through occasional promos that the app makers put out. However, the app is adding new features all the time – a new email today out talked about a host of on the verge functionalities, including a concert tracker for artists in which you have invested.  Don’t expect to find your favorite really new artists (there’s still no Saints of Valory – grr), but there is a pretty good selection.  Occasional interface glitches be damned, this is one of the most innovative ideas around and I love it.  Download it today and get 2500 “notes” by entering the code THEFALL in the settings “Redeem Code” area.  I’m JrzyGyrl, so follow me if you jump into the Tastemaker fun!

3.  Songza | Download
Tired of Pandora and Lastfm?  Let someone else build playlists for you.  This groovy app allows you to find a playlist based on time of day, activity, mood, decade and more.  The Concierge helps you pick music to suit your every need.  Unwinding after a long day?  Would you prefer laid-back acoustic or classic rock n’ roll?  Classic rock?  Choose from Muscle Shoals, Late Night Rock, or Smooth Rockabilly.  And then sit back and jam out to some tunes.  With sometimes cleverly and downright funnily titled playlists (Indie Music That’s Not Too Weird, Mustache Music (Or:  Cool in the 70s), and This Will Piss Off Your Parents, for example), and extremely functional categories (NPR’s Ultimate Workout Mix, Influential Producers), you’re bound to find something that is right up your alley.  And I guarantee you, even those of you who think you have the hottest ear around will find something new to listen to here.  My ONLY gripe is that I can’t figure out, once I’m in a playlist, how to get back to the Concierge without quitting out of the app and starting over!

2 thoughts on “Three Must-Have Free Apps for Music Junkies

  1. I love SoundHound. If I hear a song I like and don’t know the artist or title I open SoundHound, press a button and the title/artist are found. It will also allow the song to be downloaded to iTunes and shows lyrics. I LOVE IT!

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