Earworm of the Week: Bad Suns, “Cardiac Arrest”

Decided to start a new segment here on jrzygyrl.com, in hopes of re-inspiring myself to write more often.  Meet the Earworm of the Week – a piece where I’ll give you a new song that will get so stuck in your head that you’ll end up playing it compulsively.

So…the debut Earworm, “Cardiac Arrest” by The Bad Suns out of Los Angeles.  Recently signed to Vagrant Records, this guitar-driven four piece just wrapped up recording their debut EP, expected out sometime this year.  It’s hard to find much about them online, as is typical with the scrubbing o’ the web that goes on once a band gets signed, but here’s what I know:

The Bad Suns (Chris Bowman – lead vocals/guitar, Ray Libby – guitar, Gavin Bennett – bass, Miles Morris – Drums) formed sometime in 2012 in Woodland Hills, CA.  The fellas are super young – Bowman is only 18! – which makes the next bit totally ballsy.  They sent a demo of their song “Transpose” into make-or-break-you LA radio station KROQ, where it got picked up on the Locals Only show and generated some big buzz. Just last month, they shared the bill with the new Brit hotshots, The 1975, giving them some even bigger exposure as that band has taken off here in the States.

Their first single, “Cardiac Arrest” is insanely catchy and has some big chops – the lyrics are a little green, but at 18 years old, what do you expect?  With the right team around them, I have a feeling this band is going to make a huge splash.  Without further adieu… your new Earworm.

Pickup “Cardiac Arrest” on Bandcamp for $1.

(Credit where credit is due:  Thanks to Sara, The Gallery’s manager, for turning me onto this band!)

More The Band Suns:  Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Red Bull Music Interview

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