Introducing Southbound Honey (Kind Of)

When it comes to music from my favorite artists, I have a real hard time keeping a secret.  Luckily, I got permission to spill the beans on this one.

Southbound Honey

Tara Keith and Christopher Jak are Southbound Honey

Christopher Jak, aka the man who has penned my favorite line of any song ever in the history of the world, has been making new music.  And it’s lovely.  And he’s not alone.

Meet Southbound Honey, a sweet collaboration between C Jak and rising country star Tara Keith.  Originally hailing from Canada, this gal has got a serious set of pipes, and earned a spot on Canadian Idol at age 16.  In 2012, she was selected to play at the Grammys Social Media Rock Star Summit.

I haven’t gotten the full story about how C Jak and Tara teamed up, but what I can tell you is that they are making some pretty sweet music together.  Or maybe the opposite of sweet… I got to preview five of the new tracks today, and you’ll have to just trust me for now that they are crushing, dripping with longing, lonely, jealousy and regret.  With the exception of one, each of the songs centers on some sort of troubled relationship – a strained marriage falling apart around a kitchen counter, a gal discovering her man a’ cheating, a one-night stand that changed both parties – all the elements needed for modern country hits.  And hell, as if I need to say it, Jak and Tara sound really great together.

After 10 years of harmlessly stalking Jak and his music, I have an enormous respect for his deft lyrical skills, and long-time fans will definitely find “Jak” in these songs – some more than others.  Two in particular are stunning and ring with his signature poetic frankness.

So the sad part for ya’ll reading this is that there’s pretty much no details to give, no music to share, no websites to link to, no promo photos to post (well, maybe there’s something if you look here – gotta love Instagram).  They made their debut back in June at the Fort Collins Music Experiment and just recently played the city’s New West Fest, garnering some attention from industry types, but the project is still relatively new. Jak’s pretty mum on stuff, but I know when he pops his head up to tell me about things that they’re getting serious.

So hang tight a little longer, and get ready to get a little stuck on Southbound Honey.  I promise, you’ll be the first to hear more as soon as I do.

More Southbound Honey: Twitter

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