Earworm of the Week: Micah, “Just a Little Heartbreak”

Man, has this week completely wiped everyone else out or what?  Feels like it’s gone on forever.  Sorry about being a day late with this week’s Earworm, but it’s Friday!

There was a ton of great new music out this week, including Flagship’s debut album, and we know how much I love them. However, I wanted to shine the spotlight on someone new this week.  It came down to two acts, so I went with the song I’ve found myself playing on repeat on the car.

Meet Micah, a singer-songwriter out of upstate New York.  In my world, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a dude in a corner with an acoustic guitar, wearing his heart on his sleeve… And Micah fits that bill perfectly! He released his new EP, Just A Little Heartbreak, this week and the title track is so adorable that I want to go buy him a beer…or give him a hug. It’s just honest as hell and completely catchy. Fridays were made for catchy.


The whole EP is absolutely darling, so be sure to pick it up if you dig what you hear.

(Word has it that Wyclef Jean met Micah in the studio this week and told him he had an early Hootie and the Blowfish vibe… We won’t discuss how many times that first Hootie record got played on repeat my junior year in college, so I suppose the comparison is just!)

And because you should always give credit where credit is due, gotta thank my bud and fellow Rock Boater Elise for turning me onto Micah several months ago (follow her on Twitter).

Happy Friday.  Here’s to a little heartbreak!

More Micah:  Facebook | Twitter | Souncloud | Just a Little Heartbreak on iTunes

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