“Take Me Back to the Start…”

The very first time I heard Saints of Valory, I knew it was love.  Every single time I hear them, it happens all over again.  This merry band of international rock stars has a pretty big chunk of my heart – a bigger piece than French fries and possibly Sharpies (this is a BIG statement, people…have you seen my Sharpie collection?).

A little over a year into my Saints of Valory crush, in 2012, they put out this song called, “Kids,” and I knew, in my gut, that I was hearing a mega-hit.  Fast forward 18 months, the guys are now on Atlantic Records, and “Kids” is rolling out as their new single.  They just debuted the video.  It’s gorgeous. (Disclaimer: I am completely biased, but I pretty much guarantee you this song will be STUCK in your head.)

More Saints of Valory:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Buy the Possibilities EP on iTunes or Amazon

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