Free Download of the Week: “Carousels,” The Well Reds

Two years ago I watched The Well Reds on stage at Rock By the Sea and got stupid giddy when they played a new song called “Carousels.”  I instantly felt it and knew it was going to be a favorite of mine, and have been bugging them for a recorded version it ever since.  Today, I am over the moon to FINALLY have a copy of the song.  How, you ask?  Well, because IT’S AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW ON NOISETRADE (along with their first single, “BPM,” released back in January, and a couple of tracks from their first EP, Violet).  For free!  I tell ya people, go snap this one up right now….

With a church-inspired keyboard opening and massive soaring vocals, “Carousels” really showcases what is to come from The Well Reds. Front man Jeremy Ezell rocks the singing, but songwriting credit goes to drummer Torin Degnats, says Ezell. The lyrics delve into what happens when the craziness of everyday life spins us to the point where we lose focus on what’s important.  I’m anxiously awaiting an official release date for their new album, Volume, due out sometime this spring.  The fan-funded album has been in the works for the last year and “Carousels” is a big indication that we are all in for a treat.

In addition to the free download, these talented Atlanta gents have also put out a video for this spin-inducing song… It’s dramatic, but the point rings through loud and clear. Perhaps we should all take heed of the message to open our ears, and take time to connect with each other… “We’d be fine if we’d all slow down.”


The Well Reds will be in Charlotte on May 16th, playing at The Evening Muse with King Super and the Excellents.  See this talented band in a small venue before it is too late!  Snag tickets here for $8…a complete steal. See ya there!

More The Well Reds:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | Free Download of “Carousels” on Noisetrade | The Violet EP on iTunes and Amazon

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