Current Love Affair: The Ballroom Thieves

I have decided that I need to force myself to start writing much more. Believe it or not, years ago, I blogged daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Life was a little easier when I was 28, I guess. But I digress… I’ve been avoiding writing like the plague, as of late. So, no more being a wimp. Back to it.

So I have a few new obsessions. 1) This awesome summer salad, which I swear I’ve made three times in the past week; 2), which (sort of) leads me to 3) The Ballroom Thieves. I actually heard about the darling little outfit from my friend Julie who posted some photos on her Instagram account raving about them…So when I saw their session pop up on Audiotree, I decided to give it a listen/watch.

Hello, new love affair.

What a gorgeous little trio this is. I want them in my ears all day. Boston hit it out of the part with this band. Their new album, A Wolf in the Doorway, is absolutely STUNNING. I’m particularly partial to “Bullet” and “Wild Woman,” but every song is its own little adventure. Some have these amazingly sparse arrangements that are perfectly balanced with gentle vocals, and then there are others that are complete and total rockers where they are just growling the vocals. I love every bit of it.

Take 30 minutes and go check out this little Audiotree session. I love the way they interview and film on this site…It’s really, really well done. There is just something about the way these band members talk, something really gentle and peaceful about them, that intrigues me so much. I must find a way to see them live!

Learn more about The Ballroom Thieves: Website | Facebook | Twitter

1 thought on “Current Love Affair: The Ballroom Thieves

  1. I love everything about this…..including that salad (shopping list is sitting next to me). Thanks for not being a wimp again 🙂

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