Doubling Up: Krissie’s 2016 Fall-Winter Mix

“It’s been a long December, and there’s reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last…” – Counting Crows

img_1332I don’t think it’s just me. 2016 has been…challenging, to say the least. Okay, it’s been downpour of terrible. I’ve been dealing with some things over the last few months, and haven’t been as inspired to make my seasonal mix as I normally am. I’ve been tossing potential songs onto a playlist since August, but when it comes to Mixes, I’m a fusspot. The flow has to be just right…and if it’s not, I’d rather just not put one out. I just could not get this one right. At one point, this mix was over 40 songs long!

Anyway…I finally got my mix-making mojo back. I pared the tracks down a bit (sorry, Jimmy Eat World). I decided to make it a combined Fall-Winter Mix. Then I sat down to write the liner notes…and well, frankly, they are a giant ball of feelings. There are 5 pages of liner notes, you guys. All I can say is…I’m sorry. But you’ll understand, I think, as you go through them.

So anyway, here it is. I hope you dig it. I hope your 2016 ends on a high note. And cheers to a much better 2017 for all of us….

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