Shhh. Here’s a bonus Summer Mix. Don’t tell.

Talk to me, gang. How’s your summer?

I know. It kind of stinks. But I hope you’re making the best of it and finding joy in new things.

Me, I’ve been listening to a ton of new music. So I decided to sneak in a 2020 Summer Mix II. Because why not, right?

No fancy blog post. Just some new tunes to brighten your ears.

Get the liner notes here.

Apple Music version is here.

The Summer Mix – whether we have summer or not.

Well, right about now, we’re all probably feeling quite the same. Our summers are, bit by bit, being taken away by coronavirus.

To quote Justin Hopkins, “Fun is canceled.”

Enter the Summer Mix to help cure a bit of the blues I’m having about the thought of no concerts, festivals, or even pool time this summer.

Honestly, the Mix is a little bit of happy and a little bit of mellow … and it took forever to come together, but I’m sorta loving it. Where else are you gonna hear Jason Isbell and Harry Styles on the same playlist? 

I do have a few “must hears” on this Mix…I usually try to keep quiet about my favorites, but I can’t help myself this time. Don’t skip out on what I think will be the song of the summer by Hoko, the new single from my Foxfire Run fellas, and a major new Brit Pop crush in Sea Girls

Liner notes are here.

Apple Music version is here.

Playlists saved my Quarantine

Well, it’s been an interesting month. Six weeks. Eternity.

Hope you’re all doing okay. That you’re healthy, first of all, but that you’re also mentally okay.

I have good days and bad days. I’m a bit of a worrier, so my imagination gets the best of me some days. But I’m hanging in there.

Definitely getting by with a little help from my friends. One bunch, in particular. My core Rock Boat group.


Sometime at the end of March we decided to start having Thursday night Zoom happy hours. And they are epic. We talk for HOURS. The shortest one was like an hour and a half. Two weeks ago, we started at 8 PM and Jen and I were the last one’s standing at 1 AM.

IMG_8139.jpeg  IMG_8409.jpeg

Somewhere along the way, the playlists started. Themed collaborative (for the most part) playlists.

The first one was an individual challenge – My Life in 15 Songs. Stacy and I had done this one a few years back, but the rest of the gang hadn’t. So we made it a thing. And a bunch of people made them.

It’s just kept going since then. Something comes up in our conversation, and then it’s dubbed the theme for the coming week’s playlist. We make them collaborative… each person gets to add three songs.

Honestly, these playlists have become my favorite thing about Quarantine. They make me smile. They’re not edited or overthought … They just ARE. And that makes them amazing. And fun. And a little glimpse at all of our personalities.

I love that this particular group of friends all gets it. Music is just our language. I could talk about music with these people forever.

Anyway, since these things are bringing me so much joy, I thought I’d share them here.  They’re all on Spotify…


Spring Mix time…not talking about salad, gang

Hey, hi, how ya been?

Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a while. No excuses, really. Just haven’t felt like writing. I promise I’ll be better.

For now, though, I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m here to deliver the Spring Mix.

Not gonna lie, folks, I’m REALLY loving this one. It’s long…close to 50 songs! There’s something on this one for everyone… And that run of the first 15 songs? It’s my favorite thing I’ve done in awhile.

I had a lot to say about these songs, so here are the ridiculously long liner notes. Sorry, not sorry?

And because I’m COMPLETELY on top of things – don’t let the Mix fool you – you should see the Spotify playlist below. The Apple playlist refuses to embed, but you can get to it with that link…

Happy almost spring…Hope you find something new to love!

A helpful Spotify tip to avoid totally messing up your Discover Weekly and 2020 Wrapped

The other day, a sorority sister from college – hey Denise, love you! – who shares a love of music sent me a text with a dilemma. She is a masseuse and a fitness instructor, so she plays a lot of music for sessions and classes that she wouldn’t ordinarily listen to.

The problem is, it was completely jacking up her Spotify Discover Weekly playlists, giving her recommendations that weren’t quite in the genre that she enjoys.

There was also a recent news story about folks complaining that their 2019 Spotify Wrapped end-of-year results were a mess because they were listening to meditation or sleep music at night, making their “top tracks” or “top artists” something that they wouldn’t really qualify that way.

So, Denise wanted to know if I knew of a way that she could avoid that from happening.

Confession: I did not. But I’m a really good Googler. And I figured I’d share what I found here because it’s actually super helpful.

Turns out, there’s a way that you can help reduce the likelihood that workout music, sleep music, meditation music, whatever, will influence your Discover Weekly, New Releases, and Wrapped 2020.

It’s called “Private Session.” It takes a little bit of manual work on your part, but if you want to influence your Spotify algorithm, this is the best way I can figure out to keep the integrity of your recommendations to what you want.

How to enable a Private Session on Spotify

So here’s how you do it…

Before you turn on your workout class playlist, your sleep music, or whatever it is you want to listen to in private, take these steps.

Desktop Spotify app

Click the dropdown arrow next to your username in the upper right hand corner of the app and select Private Session.


Mobile Spotify app

Click on the gear icon for Settings in the upper right hand corner.


From the menu, choose Social.


Locate Private Session at the top and use the slider to turn on the Private Session. It will display as green when the Private Session is on.


Don’t forget to turn the Private Session off

The important thing to remember is to turn the Private Session off when you’re done so that your regular listening can be counted toward your algorithm.

Happy Spotify-ing, kids.