Shhh. Here’s a bonus Summer Mix. Don’t tell.

Talk to me, gang. How’s your summer?

I know. It kind of stinks. But I hope you’re making the best of it and finding joy in new things.

Me, I’ve been listening to a ton of new music. So I decided to sneak in a 2020 Summer Mix II. Because why not, right?

No fancy blog post. Just some new tunes to brighten your ears.

Get the liner notes here.

Apple Music version is here.

An overdue Krissie Mix: 2019 Summer/Fall

Oh, hey, it’s Fall.

You probably didn’t notice, but I missed a Summer Mix. Kind of weird for mess since summer is my favorite season, and usually makes for my best mixes.

I’m not going to lie to you, friends. I haven’t felt like myself for the past few months and I just haven’t felt inspired to make a Krissie Mix. So this one is long overdue, and I’m REALLY happy it’s finally done.

Fair warning: it’s a titch schizophrenic. There’s a lot of old friends on this edition, and maybe a few new finds for some of you. It might be a little too mellow for some folks’ tastes – so apologies if it’s not your bag.

If you’re into reading the notes, you can find the short novel I wrote for this Mix here.

If you’re an Apple Music person, you can find an Apple version of the mix here.

As usual, if you really dig something, please support the artist by purchasing an album, a ticket to a live show, or some merch. 

And of course, if you have pressing thoughts on ANY of the tracks, tell me whatcha think in the comments.

P.S. The above playlist is showing two songs that are no longer available on Spotify that I removed from the playlist, but I can’t get them to not show above, so sorry about that!

The end of summer…


Fall is almost here.

I know that most people are celebrating hauling their fuzzy sweaters out of the closet, boot season, pumpkin spice lattes and all that jazz.

I’m not one of them.

The temperature dropped yesterday here. Like the first big one … the one where you walk out your door are like, “Shit, pretty soon I’m going to have to haul out a jacket.” And it’s dark at 7:30 now… and light when I wake up.

None of these things make me happy. Me in all my Leo-ness…It’s no secret that summer is my favorite.

So for the next few weeks, I’m going to hang onto sunshine, short sleeves, flip flops, patio weather, and songs that make me feel like summer. Like this one from Night Traveler.

“Burn” was actually released in July and I’ve been pretty obsessed with it for close to two months. This song, in all its 80s glory with those squealing guitar solos, is definitely where my heart and head are right now.

Gives me all the feels.

What’s been your summer soundtrack? Tell me what you’ve been listening to, folks. I need all the summer sound waves I can get my hands on.


P.S. Follow this Austin band on all their socials:  Apple_Music_Icon_2 Spotify_Icon_RGB_Green  Facebook  Twitter_Logo_Blue Instagram

P.P.S. I swear, the Summer/Fall Mix is coming soon. ish.