New Ben Taylor, “It’s Not So Sad”

The baby boy of Carly and James, the fabulous Ben Taylor, has been busy making new music.  His camp posted a video, directed by John Forte, of a new song called “It’s Not So Sad” this morning.  I love that Ben can switch from having funky songs with edge to these brooding melodies that are more reminiscent of his dad’s style.  The video, obviously shot in an apartment with a Christmas tree doing some a little light display, has a very intimate feel to it.  You can even catch them talking at the end about how they’re going to record it… Can’t wait to hear more new stuff from this incredibly talented songster!

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The Monday Funday Playlist – September 5, 2011

Visits from close college friends. Beach.  Will Hoge. Good QT with some of my favorite girls. Margaritas.  = Reasons why the Sunday Funday list was delayed this week.  Apologies.  Hopefully, these songs will make it worth it.

1.  Lucky Now – Ryan Adams


2. Summer of ’89 – Butch Walker & The Black Widows

If there was ever a summer song, this is it.  Fun from the master of the pop song, Butch Walker.

3.  Love Is A Drug – Eskimo Joe

In the last 8 months, I have found so much international music that I never would have heard otherwise.  Enter this week’s favorite BalconyTV find, Eskimo Joe, from Aussie land.  Apparently, these fellas have been around for awhile – and their discography page on their website proves it, with 20 or so different releases, including a slot on a Twilight soundtrack.  However, I’m not daunted by kiddie movie rock.  Good, old fashioned, anthemic, sing-along rock n’ roll will never let me down.  This single is off their new album, Ghosts of the Past…of course, frustratingly not available to buy in the U.S.  So, SoundCloud saves the day once again.

4.  State Trooper – Apache Relay

So excited to FINALLY see this Nashville band live this coming weekend. I’ve been a big fan since 1988 came out two years ago, and their latest album, American Nomad, will rock your little socks off if you let it.  This song is, of course, a Springsteen cover, which may be one of the reasons I love it so.

5.  Goddam California – Will Hoge
It is kind of obscene how much I love this man’s music, and a weekend spent reveling in his live shows, with songs both new and old, has once again reminded me why.  I don’t know how ANYONE could see this man perform and not become an instant fan.  There isn’t a musician alive who plays with more passion and love of his art.  Have a feeling that this little ditty is going to be a top runner for my favorite off the new album, Number Seven, out in a mere three weeks.  Pre-order it here (and here on iTunes) and do yourself a favor and go see him live as soon as possible.  Thanks to uback007 for posting this video to YouTube so I could put this on the Sunday/Monday Funday Playlist. Wait til you hear the rock version.

Just get used to me talking about them…More Saints of Valory

106.5 The End has posted the videos from Saints of Valory’s End Session last week. Check ’em out when you get a sec…I made a little YouTube playlist for easy watching. “Providence” still isn’t posted, but I’ll add it when it is.

Here’s my favorite, their new song “Million to None.”

Download Now: Written in Stone

How can you not love a band willing to get doused with a vat of Pepto Bismol in the name of band PR?

One of the JrzyGyrl blog favorites, Son of a Bad Man, is getting some spotlight time again. Since I’ve rambled on and on and on about them previously, I won’t spend a lot of time going through the details.  I’ll just ask of you…

Go download their new single, “Written in Stone,” now. Please?

I was lucky enough to get an advance preview of this song back in November, and it literally spent two months in my #1 song spot.  According to my iPod, I listened to it something like 72 times the first week I had it.  It’s an earworm you’re gonna love…trust me. 🙂

More Son of a Bad Man: Facebook | YouTube

Download Now: Hope and Ruin, The Trews

I should be sleeping.  I’ve worked a maddening number of hours in the past week.  Today was a 16 hour day.  Tomorrow is likely to be the same. I’m exhausted.

No hope needed: this record is delicious.

Instead of getting much needed beauty sleep, and probably risking oversleeping on an important day, I’m up listening to The Trews new album, Hope and Ruin.

Holy sh*t. It’s awesomesauce. I’m only one run through it, so I can’t give a proper review, but I can tell you right now, this album is going to be in rotation for awhile.  It’s that good. Stand outs tracks so far for me:  “Stay With Me,” “One By One,” “I’ll Find Someone Who Will” and “You Gotta Let Me In.” Wow.

Go. Download. Now.

You won’t be sorry.

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