My favorite noise: A daring new Quiet Hounds album (that is almost here)

“What are you listening to, Krissie?” 

That’s a question I get a lot… And my answers are typically all over the place. 

Everything Else is Noise CoverBut, if you’ve seen me in the last couple of weeks, there’s only one answer: The new Quiet Hounds record, Everything Else is Noise.

No, it’s not out yet. So you’ll have to take my word for it for now.

Let me put it simply:

This is the best music that QH have made in their eight years as a band. 

(Side note: how has it been 8 years since these marvelous gentlemen came into my life?) 

The Hounds have never been afraid of experimenting, and for even their biggest fans, I think that this new record will be a surprise. Yes, there are threads that run through it that make it essential Quiet Hounds – poetic lyrics, historical themes, and creative interludes among them – but this album also finds the QH quartet taking new sound directions. 

Everything Else is Noise is a cinematic soundscape that will have you hanging off the edge of your seat wondering what twist is about to come next. From the sweeping pedal-heavy piano opening to 80s-inspired synth adventures to dreamy California pop, the whole thing is a journey that I just don’t want to end. 

Two words: RIVER DELTA. You’ll find out what that means soon enough. 

Pretty sure it’s going to be the record of the summer for me. And fall. And winter. And next spring. And next summer. You get the point. 

So here’s the skinny…

You’re going to have to wait until fall to hear the record. Official release news will follow soon, but I can totally spill the beans on a big secret. 
You can be part of this new record, get some sneak peaks and early access. How so? By taking part in the Kickstarter campaign.

Be sure to watch the video…for the first time ever outside of an event, the QH fellas have faces and names! 

That’s right, those secretive Hounds are opening up the vault. Now’s your chance to get in on the action and help Everything Else is Noise come to life and in the process, get some really unique and collectible rewards. I mean, who doesn’t want an authentic Hounds mask???

More blog posts to come from me on the album as I can tell you more, but for now, get to clicking on that Kickstarter. These one-of-a-kind rewards are not going to last long.

The 2019 Spring Mix (on the first day of Summer)


Yeah, I’m behind.

Here’s the 2019 Spring Mix. Being delivered to you on the official first day of summer. And it is a doozy, you guys. But … better late than never?


If you’re an Apple Music person, you can find the Spring Mix here. Please note, there is one track that is on the Spotify version that you won’t find here because it’s a Spotify only release, so please make sure you listen to the He Said, She Said EP by The Wealthy West.

Want to read the inner workings of my brain? The liner notes are here.

Hope you dig it.

The worst timed Krissie Mix ever.


It is currently 12:05 AM on Friday, January 25.

That means that The Rock Boat is officially one week away.

Which makes releasing a Krissie Mix now all kinds of silly because the bulk of people that listen to my Mix are Rock Boat friends… and we’re all in full-on Rock Boat mania right now.

However, if I don’t push publish on this thing, it’s just not going to happen. And it should happen, because it’s one of my favorite Mixes I’ve done in awhile.

So, without further adieu, I give you Krissie’s 2018/2019 Winter Mix…the worst timed Krissie Mix ever in the history of Krissie Mixes.

If you like the liner notes, read ’em here.
If you’re an Apple Music person, you can listen here.

Bundle up against the cold, pop in your earbuds, and snuggle up with these songs. Happy listening.

Happy Halloween, pumpkins. Here’s your treat.

As I write this, it’s nearly 1 AM. It’s been a long week already, and it’s just now Wednesday. I’m tired. This post may not make any sense.

It’s officially Halloween, so I thought I’d drop you a treat: The 2018 Fall Mix.

You guys know how I love making my Mixes, right? I’ve been doing it for almost 15 years now. Sometimes the Mixes fall into place easily. Sometimes they take forever to come together. And when the latter happens, I procrastinate. Which is what I did with this one.

But, I think it turned out alright.

So, apologies for the late-in-the-season release, but with Daylight Saving Time coming to an end this weekend, you have a full extra hour coming up to listen to it, right?

If you love the liner notes, you can find them here.

If you’re an Apple Music person, you can listen to the playlist here.

Happy fall listening…and hey, don’t forget to let me know if you find something new to love. Leave a comment below or find me on the socials.


Although all of the signs of fall are in the air, I REFUSE to let summer go without a fight. That’s why I’m thinking all the summer thoughts and putting out The 2018 Krissie Summer Mix Part II … because if I keep wearing flip flops and short sleeves, the warm weather and sunshine will stick around right?

So, anyway, here’s my little pre-Labor Day surprise. There’s so much great new music out right now. For my music friends, a lot of these will be familiar, but there might be a few new surprises.

  • Notes are here, if you’re into reading them (moved to Google Drive since so many folks had trouble with Dropbox last time).
  • If you’re an Apple Music person, you can listen here.

Enjoy the last fleeting days of summer, my loves. And as always, let me know your favorites!