Grace Potter + Daytrotter: More Than An Awesome Rhyme

Image ©Daytrotter.

Image ©Daytrotter.

If you know me AT all, you know that I have a ginormous girl crush on Grace Potter.  If you don’t know me … well, now you know.  I’ve never wanted to be someone else in my whole life, but I would trade shoes with Grace Potter for a day in a heartbeat (seriously, I would, the woman has killer shoes).

Anyhow, the fine folks over at Daytrotter recently recorded a 8-song session with her and it is absolutely SICK.  I’m not even sure you can call it 8 songs, since one of them is 12 minutes long.  That particular piece of solid Grace gold could be called “how to get from a mooning love song to a sex anthem in five deft moves” as she transitions from “Stars” all the way to “Paris”  and makes it sound like it was MEANT TO BE THAT WAY.

Daytrotter has a knack for recording these artists in their naked, stripped down beauty, which is, I guess, the point of Daytrotter.  In Grace’s case, it just showcases how truly amazing her voice actually is.  That girl is a vocal powerhouse and listening to her reminds me of just how incredible music can be.

The highlight of the session for me is “Belladonna,” which Grace pulled out of the Nocturnals archives.  It’s gorgeous.  There are a few other non-album song appearances, including “Mystery Train” and “Cinnamon Girl.”

[If you’re a member at Daytrotter, you can download the session for free.  If you’re not a member, you really should consider joining.  For just $24 a year, you can access literally thousands of unique, intimate recorded sessions with some incredible up and coming and established artists. ]

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