Get Happy with Boys on the Radio

I don’t know about you, but I have about had enough of winter.  As I type, the temperature in Charlotte is falling rapidly and will soon be below freezing.  It is March 26th, people.  We should be busting 70 degrees every day.  This constant cold and gray has got me in a funk … and I need some music to get me out of it.

Luckily, there’s Boys on the Radio.  A couple of years ago, I caught on very, very, very late (like a decade late) to Lovedrug.  Boys on the Radio is the new project of Lovedrug frontman Michael Shepard, along with Rich Condon, Christian Hayden, and Dylan Williams.  I am a sucker for a unique voice, and Michael’s just lights me up.  So he could basically sing Beowulf – in the original medieval English – and I would be totally okay with it. Anyone who was in Bennett Lamond’s Medieval Lit class at Washington College understands the power of this statement!

The band is based in Nashville, and lucky you, Nashville folks…They are playing their first hometown show this Thursday, March 27th, at the High Watt.  Go.  Do not miss this band.

BOTR did a little Facebook pre-release of their first single, “Youth Anthem,” which I freaking LOVE. It’s catchy.  It’s fun. And it is going to my theme song for 2014 (I’m turning 40 this year…I need to remember that it’s just a number!). They’ll be putting out a full release later this spring, but for now, you can preview four tracks over on their Soundcloud page.  I’m teasing “Carried Away” below…because it’s a summer song.

And I think we could all use that.

More Boys on the Radio: Web | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud