Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies

Took a drive tonight to see a new band…kind of on a whim. Haven’t taken a little road trip on a week night in awhile. So glad I went. GREAT set by Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies, a band out of Jacksonville, FL – and how much does this gal love a four-guitar aural assault? Straight up rock n’ roll.

Seriously, these guys played to a crowd of maybe 30 people like there were a thousand people in the room. Super energy and passion for what they’re doing! And holy crap, they covered “Rock and Roll” and knocked me out of my seat. *This close* to being the best cover of any Zepplin song I’ve ever seen.

If they come to your town, free up some calendar time and go see ’em. Here’s a little preview of the full band (not the best sound on this video, but you’ll get the idea – thanks to the gal who posted this to YouTube):

And really, who doesn’t love a band with a sense of humor? (You can get the full band version of this one on iTunes, kids.)

Watch out for these kids, gang. I predict you’ll be hearing their name around sooner rather than later!