Monday Review: Quiet Hounds on the Megaphona

Atlanta’s Quiet Hounds are perfect in their sophomore release, Megaphona.

We’re just one week out from Memorial Day and the official start of summer…so what better way to kick it off than with new music?  Well, grab your surfboards, kids, and get ready to revel in the ethereal waters of Quiet Hounds’ Megaphona. Less than a year after hitting the scene with their self-titled release, the masked quintet from Atlanta is back with another sparkling five songs that will – I promise – once again leave you wanting more.

In keeping with their somewhat mysterious theme, the EP kicks off with a French exchange between an adult and a child, with the younger participant excitedly saying “Quiet Hound!”  It’s just one of several artistic interludes … but after just one spin through Megaphona, you’ll likely be yelling out their name, too.

From the opening undulating waves of “Calling All Gamma Rays” to the tinkling fade out of the instrumental “1864,” the music is a study in lyrical poetry, shimmering harmonies, and truly original melodies.  Toss in rich guitar, keys that range from dancing to experimental, inventive percussion, harmonica, and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable sophomore effort.

Every track offers something bright and new for the listener – the band plays with staccato rhythms on “Too Young, Too Wise.” They give us a foot-stomping, hand-clapping sing-along with “I Get Up,” (check out the live take-away video).  They take modern-day twists on new-age on “Gamma Rays” and “Pocket Change.”  The EP’s sleeper hit, “Worn Crush Corduroy,” sends us to a musical summer shoreline hangout with its snappy vocals, Beach Boys-reminiscent harmonies, and tonal guitar. Tying everything together in the perfect package is absolutely dazzling songwriting, starting with “wasted idle hours” and ending with the quest to provide for a family.

It’s a little EP with a huge splash.  I think my friend Elise pinpointed the only negative thing you could possibly say about it – “Megaphona is great but I need more songs!!”  You’d be hard pressed not to want more.  The Quiet Hounds are doing something fresh, and unique – it’s impossible not to get excited about a band that’s doing that in today’s music world.

The official release date for Megaphona is June 4th and the band has a big surprise planned for fans.  Until then, you can stream it on Spotify.

P.S.  If you dig the live take away video for “I Get Up,” you can download the live audio track over on the band’s SoundCloud page.

More Quiet Hounds:  Web | Facebook | Twitter

(I will be eternally grateful to my friend Allison for introducing me to QH – make sure you check out her blog at for all sorts of musical goodness.)

Unmasked: Quiet Hounds Reveal Themselves


Quiet Hounds will unmask themselves this month in Atlanta!

So for those of you that have been following the progression of Atlanta’s mysterious rock band, Quiet Hounds, big things are coming….

The Hounds will be revealing themselves in an unveiling/live show in Atlanta on Saturday, February 25th at the just-as mysteriously named The Goat Farm Arts Center.  Super excited!  I’m dying to find out who the guys are (okay, I might have gotten a hint or two, but they’re still a mystery to me!).

To get everyone excited, the guys are giving away a really cool prize…a chance to get into Quiet Hounds events FREE for life.  All you’ve got to do is visit their Facebook page and pick a mask from their photos and use it in your profile photo for the month of February (I’m partial to the Loud Hound and Poetic Hound, but you can pick from Drum Hound, Bass Hound, and Evil Hound, too).

Don’t forget, you can still pick up the Hounds debut EP (which was my numero uno EP last year, in case you missed it) for free on their website.  Don’t know how long that is going to last, so get it now while you can.  And, from the pictures that have been floating around on the band’s Instagram, it seems like there might be a limited edition hard copy of the EP in existence soon…

Check out all the details on the unmasking event at the links below…

Event Details:
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More Quiet Hounds:  Website | Facebook | Twitter