New Alpha Rev EP Underway

(A huge thanks to VideoBacon for posting this on YouTube for everyone to enjoy…He/she should get all the cred for the video!)

The boys in Alpha Rev are making a new EP and they need our help.  The band left the Hollywood Records label a few months ago – like many bands today, they found that labels want to control the music but give little support – and are now making a new EP on their own dime. So they’ve asked fans to chip in through their Pledge Music page.  They’ve got some fabulous rewards for donations to the effort!

And because Alpha Rev is comprised of one of the most phenomenal groups of musicians ever, they are setting the bar really high for themselves and recording the EP live.  If you don’t think that’s incredibly cool, you haven’t listened to enough old records. They spent some time rehearsing over the past few weeks and are in the studio this week to record.  Sending lots of luck their way.

As if doing a live EP weren’t badass enough, the guys have also made the decision that a percentage of whatever funds they raise for the EP will go to charity.  The band, and particularly Casey McPherson, has been hugely supportive of mental health charities in the past, and they continue their dedication by supporting Mental Health America of Texas.  They’ve also pledged a portion of the funds to Trade In Hope, an organization which crusades against child sex slavery in America.

Why should you support Alpha Rev when a million other bands are vying for your dollars?  I’ll give you a few good reasons:  1)  They are truly phenomenal musicians.  Listening to Alpha Rev is like a modern day rock orchestra.  They bend melodies in ways like I’ve never heard before.  2)  Alpha Rev left their label because they have standards for their music – they don’t want to compromise on quality to make money.  That, to me, says that they’re making music for the right reasons, for the music…and they want to share it with their fans on their terms.

So, if you’ve got a few extra bucks laying around and want to be part of something awesome, head on over and check out the updates on the record.  The boys are only 56% of the way to their goal with just under 50 days left to go.