Friday Awesomeness: Imagine Dragons, “On Top of the World”

Imagine Dragons - Continued Silence EP Artwork

Deliriously infectious new music from Imagine Dragons.

Me and my family have had a really crappy couple of weeks.  I definitely need a positive boost of energy right now…and luckily, my favorite little Vegas/Provo, UT band, Imagine Dragons, has it for me. This sizzling five-piece is just so smokin’ hot…their sound is alternately hypnotic and infectious, and more addictive than a bag of M&Ms.  Last Tuesday, they released a six-song EP, Continued Silence, that is absolutely break-out material.  This band is going to be a household name very soon, especially after they showcase at SXSW next month.

While “It’s Time,” clearly the single, is a carryover from their last effort, the five other songs are new.  I’m loving “Radioactive,” but am utterly OBSESSED with “On Top of the World.”  I played it 23 times on my drive back to NC from NJ the other day, and that is not an exaggeration.  It is full of snaps, claps and whistles and is “pure gold,” as Stephen, keyboardist for Saints of Valory, summed up nicely.  It is perfectly awesome and perfectly appropriate for a 70+ degree day in Charlotte.

This is only a 1.5 minute snippet that’s available on SoundCloud…but I highly recommend picking up the entire Continued Silence EP at Amazon or iTunes.

More Imagine Dragons: Website | Facebook | Twitter

SXSW Gets Bruce AND These Guys…

When it was announced that Bruce Springsteen, the only man I’ve ever really loved, would be giving the keynote at SXSW, my cell phone and e-mail blew up with messages from friends asking if I was going to figure out how to be there.  And while that would be cool, what bums me out the most about not going to SXSW is missing all the great up and coming talent.  Like this uber talented band…

Vegas’s Imagine Dragons was all over my Best of 2011 list for good reasons.  Their 2011 EP, It’s Time, is absolutely delectable little bit of indie rock, laced with happy clappy rhythms, synthesizers, rhyming, and layered harmonies.  And song’s like this one, “Tokyo,” “Amsterdam,” and “America” will get stuck in your head, with unforgettable lyrics.  You have been warned.  You’re going to be hearing a lot about these kids.  If you are going to SXSW, don’t miss ’em.

More Imagine Dragons: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Purchase It’s Time on iTunes or Amazon