Although all of the signs of fall are in the air, I REFUSE to let summer go without a fight. That’s why I’m thinking all the summer thoughts and putting out The 2018 Krissie Summer Mix Part II … because if I keep wearing flip flops and short sleeves, the warm weather and sunshine will stick around right?

So, anyway, here’s my little pre-Labor Day surprise. There’s so much great new music out right now. For my music friends, a lot of these will be familiar, but there might be a few new surprises.

  • Notes are here, if you’re into reading them (moved to Google Drive since so many folks had trouble with Dropbox last time).
  • If you’re an Apple Music person, you can listen here.

Enjoy the last fleeting days of summer, my loves. And as always, let me know your favorites!






Earworm of the Week: The Temperance Movement, “Only Friend”

This week’s Earworm is courtesy of my music bud, Jess, who clearly gets my music tastes.  Meet The Temperance Movement.

Jess sent me a Tweet several weeks ago with this video link and told me to check The Temperance Movement out.  I completely failed, but luckily, she reminded me early last week.  It took one play of “Only Friend.”  Musical crush born.

Yet another British rock n’ roll band (seriously, America, we are lagging!), The Temperance Movement got together in 2011. These guys look like they walked straight outta 1970, and I LOVE IT.  I won’t lie, what sold me is lead singer Phil Campbell’s bluesy, sandpaper-scruffed vocals.  Um, yes. YES. Throw in some dual guitar jams (Paul Sayer, Luke Potashnick), snappy bass lines (Nick Fyffe), heart-stopping drums (Damon Wilson), and hair (I am from New Jersey, kids) and you have a recipe for me in love.

When a guitar website says this about you, you KNOW you’re doing something right:

“…if rock ‘n’ roll is to be saved, or even needs saving, bands like this will lead the way. Signed by Earache Records just weeks ago, the band will hopefully have their first full length long player by the fall, but in the meantime their first EP, Pride is an ass kicking, mind-boggling slice of pure, unadulterated, and beautiful rock ‘n’ roll.” – Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley

The band’s 2012 Pride EP is available in the U.S., but their eponymous album, released this month, is of course, NOT available here yet… but lucky us, we have the internet and can stream it here.

More The Temperance Movement:  Web | Facebook | Twitter