Happy Summer!

Summer is FINALLY here…after a really long winter and a miserable spring, I’m more than ready for 90+ degree temps and 100% humidity. I really need to move to an island.

Although summer doesn’t officially start for a few weeks, I’ve been hard at work on the Summer Mix and it’s finally ready to share.

If you’re not into reading the liner notes (which you should be for this one, just saying), this Mix marks a bit of a milestone: 1,000 songs shared in Krissie Mixes. *insert confetti and noisemakers here*

While I’ve moved on from burning hundreds of CDs and keeping the post office in business with mailing them out, making the “Mix” is still my favorite thing to do. It’s always been my goal to help people find new music that speaks to them, so if you find something new that hits your ears just right, I’d love to hear about it.

Anyway…thanks for listening for all these years, you guys. You’re the best.

Happy summer!

Spotify Playlist | Apple Music Playlist

P.S. If you have trouble with the liner notes, try downloading the Dropbox app and opening the notes within the app when prompted.


Coming Back to Life: The 2016 Spring Mix

unnamedIt’s closing in on the best night of the year…Daylight Saving Time begins in an hour. Tomorrow, it won’t be dark outside until 7 PM, and my internal clock will once again be back on track. While most of my friends are out getting an early start on St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to stay in and tackle finishing up the Spring Mix.

Spring is definitely in the air here in the Queen City. After a pretty emotionally tough few months – winter is always rough for me – I feel myself finally starting to perk up. The 2016 Spring Krissie Mix is definitely a reflection of what’s been going on in my life as I was building it…it is ALL OVER the place. Some new artists, some old loves. Some happy tunes, some sad. Anyway, there’s a little something for everyone to love.

If you want to read about why I was listening to these songs, or how I found out about the artists, or just get a sort of creepy look inside the way my brain works, download the liner notes here. I didn’t do a label this time around…if anyone really wants one, send me a note and I’ll make one for you. But I figure no one is really burning CDs anymore, right?

Happy almost Spring, everyone!


New Year, New Mix

Hello, friends.

I know it’s been months since I’ve written. No excuses. I just haven’t felt like writing much lately. Work is kicking my butt and the last thing I want to do at night is come home and fire up the old computer. My company – where I have been for nearly 18 years – got sold and the merging of the two new companies isn’t the smoothest transition ever. It’s been stressful. And my Mom had to have some more treatment – cancer sucks, by the way – so I made a quick trip home to Jersey to be with her for awhile. (She’s doing okay…strongest person I know, my Mom.)

Honestly, you guys, I’ve been pretty blue. And tired.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing. I closed out 2015 with a big milestone…seeing more than 100 live shows in a year (101, to be precise). Kind of a big deal for me – I’ve never done it before, and I’ve been keeping track of all the shows I’ve gone to since 2004. It was such a big deal that one of my sweet friends made me a trophy. I’m really proud of myself…I got outside of my box and saw a LOT of new music this year. Artists and bands I didn’t know. I found new loves. Oh, and Christopher Jak is BACK. Played a show in Charlotte. And is making a new record. So there’s that.

And of course, the Panthers are making history here in Charlotte. So that’s super exciting, especially for those of us who have cheered them on through a couple of really tough seasons.

In between all of this, I made the Winter Mix. But the notes, which are usually my favorite part, just weren’t coming easy to me. I guess the whole not feeling like writing thing has been sort of infecting all of my life. So I’ve been sitting on it for awhile. But it’s a new year, and I’m trying to get re-inspired about writing.

So here it is. The Winter Mix. Winter’s definitely not my favorite season, but I like this mix a lot. Hope you will, too.

Grab the notes and the label here.

Lots of love,


Earworm of the Week: The Wild Feathers, “Hard Times”

Confession:  Every two out of three days, I wish I was William from Almost Famous.

There’s something wildly intoxicating about the idea of living a life on the road, being immersed in music every day from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.  (Aside: The reasons I identify with William, other than the obvious writing connection, over the band-aids are another blog post for another day.)

So it should come as no surprise that I have fallen madly in love with The Wild Feathers, a band that sounds and looks like they could have walked straight out of the movie.  Reverb-y electric guitar mixed with acoustic strumming; road-weathered vocals peppered with assurances that no matter how crazy life gets, you’re always going to come out on the upside; and multi-part harmonies that will make you swoon.  It’s an iconic sound in a style reminiscent of The Band, but with its own little modern-day charm.

I have been listening to their debut album non-stop for a week now.  Dear readers, this is going to be one really awful musical crush.

This particular number, “Hard Times,” has a magnetic pull on me, so it claims Earworm of the Week status.  I seriously have played it 100 times.  One of those songs that I hit repeat on like six times in a row.  My god, the harmonies.  Love, love, love.

The Wild Feathers are playing in Charlotte next month, opening for ZZ Ward with James Bay (who also has my little musical heart pitter-pattering these days).  I have pretty high expectations of them. If they are as good as they expect them to be, I’m going to quit my job and follow them on tour. Fair warning.

(A giant hat tip to The Good Groupie, who has talked about The Wild Feathers for months and inspired me to go check them out, finally.)

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