Cool Cover: Alpha Rev Goes 80s

It’s true I love a lot of music, but there are only a handful of songwriters that make it into my pantheon. Casey McPherson from Alpha Rev is one of them. His writing shakes me to my core, and his voice really is a gift from the universe.

On occasion, Casey has been known to record a cover song or two. And it just amazes me how he never fails to elevate it in some way. (“Hallelujah?” Yeah.) Such is the case with a new cover he just released a few hours go: “The Promise” by When In Rome. If you weren’t alive in the 80s – or just don’t have a thing for one hit wonders of that decade – you might not even remember this song (click here to watch the original video). Casey completely strips all the synth-madness of the original down to just him and a piano. The sparseness brings the lyrics alive, but in an aching way. When he hits the 2:30 mark, I get all teary.

Man oh man, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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