The 2017 Summer Mix

unnamedHey guys, Happy 4th of July.

Although it’s a bit belated, the 2017 Summer Mix is FINALLY ready for your ears. Two hours of songs to make you laugh, cry, and feel alive.

Believe it or not, at one point, it was up to something like 42 songs, so I have done a LOT of editing (although the liner notes sure don’t make it seem that way…they are forever long).

Hope you’re doing all the summer things. It is the best season, after all, isn’t it?

Earworm of the Week: “Thunder Clatter,” Wild Cub

Okay, we won’t talk about the fact that I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks.  Work is tough, I’ve been busy and dealing with family stuff…and honestly, the last thing I’ve felt like doing at night is cracking open the laptop to write. (Trust me, my presence on Twitter has been about 10% of my normal activity…it’s not just the old blog getting ignored.)

But, I can’t leave your ears naked for another week…

It’s no secret that I love a song with some good handclapping.  A couple of weeks ago, I was poking around Spotify and stumbled onto Nashville’s Wild Cub and their totally addictive song “Thunder Clatter.” It’s a year old, which KILLS me that I’m just finding out about these guys now, but…I’m making up for lost time because I have playing this song INCESSANTLY. It’s an instant mood boost!


Wild Cub’s album, Youth, was recently taken down from online stores ahead of a re-release in January on Mom + Pop records.  However, you can still grab “Thunder Clatter” as a single on iTunes or Amazon.  And…if you’re one for remixes, you can pick up the Twin Shadow remix of the song for free by visiting the band’s website.

More Wild Cub:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud