Charlotte Hot Ticket: Flagship

I know there are a glut of little pop-rock-emo-indie bands vying for your attention. Flagship, formerly known as Flagship Brigade, out of Charlotte is worthy of a few minutes of your time to get to know. This quintent out of Charlotte definitely has chops – channeling a little old school Cure, but with some modern flair. And Drake’s voice is just sick – I love it. I’ve been watching them quietly for the past six months or so and grow more impressed by them every time I see them live. They’re obviously talented kids, they bring out the crowds, and they’ve got the dramatic flair they need to get noticed.

If you get the Krissie Mix, you’ll hear their song “Oil Field” on the latest edition. If you don’t get the Spring Mix (and even if you do), you can download my favorite of their songs – “Holy Ghost” – for free right now. (They put it up for download after I’d already burned all the mixes – drat!)

Check ’em out wherever you social media: Twitter | Facebook | MySpace

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