What will you do with your five minutes?

I have become a complete Seth Godin disciple. Where have I been? Discovering his writing might be the most important thing of 2010 for me.

On Monday, Seth wrote a blog entitled “You Rock.” You should read it.

The premise? That no one can be on point all the time. But that you can do it for five minutes a day. And that for five minutes a day, you can do something extraordinary that will make a difference to someone or something.

Damn. I’m inspired.

Seth, your five minutes were well spent on Monday.

What will the rest of you do with your five minutes today?

1 thought on “What will you do with your five minutes?

  1. I read that post at the same time as my mom and we both looked at each other like “wow!” I think he thought of that in one of his 5 minutes…or hour cause he’s so genius!

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