Listen Now: The Enemy Lovers

Back in November, I went to see Pete Yorn. I love Pete, thanks in large part to Christy…he’s from New Jersey, after all. How could I not love him?

Whether or not I was there to see Pete, the show was completely stolen from him by the opening act.

Enter The Enemy Lovers from Asheville, NC. This four-piece literally rocked my world that night, and I’ve now seen them twice since and each time, I lose a little bit of my musical heart to them. Thought provoking and enormously insightful lyrics, strong melodies, fantastic driving guitar solos…Just plain good rock n’ roll, yet really unique.

The core of the band, brothers Tim and Steven Scroggs, have an intriguing story: growing up, they were home schooled, and while always musical with their family and in their church, they didn’t start listening to rock and popular music until they were much older. Tim was actually going to record as a singer-songwriter, and Steven tagged along to the studio for fun and support, and ended up playing with him…and the band was born.

On stage, these kids just have an insane musical chemistry. They’ve definitely got that sibling “harmony” thing happening. Steven is a really solid guitar player; that said, he lets his brother, Tim, have the spotlight. Tim also plays guitar and is definitely the most animated member of the band – very dramatic, definitely taking some cues from Chris Martin. Drummer Kent Rector does some backing vocal and is a strong player, and Kevin Stipe, perhaps the most understated member of the band, adds to the rhythm section on bass. They work really well together already – give them another year or two and they’ll be the tightest act around.

The band has recently connected with Mike Daly (of Whiskeytown fame) who will be producing their new record…I have a feeling that once the world at large hears this band, they’re going to flash bang onto the national scene in no time. So, visit iTunes and pick up their debut EP now.

Don’t make me say I told you so.

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4 thoughts on “Listen Now: The Enemy Lovers

  1. Wow! I love the music they are creating. I has been great to be able to see The Enemy Lovers come into a new level of creativity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Tim – Anything I can do to help you guys – seriously love your music! No need for a guest list spot, just keep making tunes. And come to Charlotte more! 🙂 – Krissie

    P.S. Side note, was at Amos’ to see The Verve Pipe last night and they played most of the Enemy Lovers EP in between the opening bands sets! I was stoked!

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