How to Really Be Alive

On the way out the door to the beach last weekend, I realized I had forgotten to pack a cover up for the beach.  So I reached into the t-shirt drawer, grabbed whatever was on top and then pulled out a pair of old running shorts.  When we went to go to the beach the next morning, I realized it was one of my favorite t-shirts from college.  Older than dirt, and barely held together anymore.  The shirt was a favorite because it was a sorority t-shirt, but the message on the back was so great…it reminded me of a time when I was endlessly positive about my life.   I could really use a little bit of that college optimism this week, so I thought I’d post the message here.  Hope it inspires one of you today.


Stamp out conformity. Drink sunsets.  Draw out your feelings.  Amaze yourself.
Be ridiculous.  Stop worrying.  Make yes your favorite word.
Spin yourself dizzy.  Invent new ways to love.  Transform negatives.
Allow yourself to feel rich without money.  Be who you truly are.
Believe in everything.
You are always on your way to a miracle.
The miracle is you.

2 thoughts on “How to Really Be Alive

  1. This is getting printed out and put on something I can see on a daily basis. This is how I try to live each day and it’s amazing to see written down. Thanks for the inspiration!

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