Alpha Rev: New Music – “New Morning”

One of my top ten bands of all time, Alpha Rev, releases a new record this week. I won’t prattle on about how much I love their music – we all know.

You can snag it at – today only – for $3.99.  It’s really not fair to sell it for that cheap, but I think you should probably take advantage of it.

Alpha Rev’s members are true artists – incredible musicians and songwriters. This band has worked hard to get here; they deserve every ounce of attention they are getting. It’s nice to see the good guys win.

Congratulations, guys.  It’s a stunning album.  So proud to be your fan!

Alpha Rev - New Morning

P.S.  In the world of fabulous things happening to me, seeing Alpha Rev live has eluded me since I became a fan a little over 3 years ago.  However, yesterday, they announced they’ll be touring with Carolina Liar in May…and they’re coming to North Carolina!  I already bought my ticket…  I’m SO unbelievably excited. Expect effusiveness to follow.

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