The Honeymoon Thrillers

When Luna Halo came through town back in April, a conversation with lead singer Nathan Barlowe got me excited.  He was working on a side project, he said, called The Honeymoon Thrillers, with his brother (songwriter Cary Barlowe, who wrote Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey”) and some other Nashville musicians (Jared Byers, Josiah Holland and Chris Boyle).   California surf pop-influenced.  Call me intrigued.

Two months later, The Honeymoon Thrillers release their debut album. As promised – it’s like a modern day Beach Boys with a big ol’ splash of rock n’ roll.  Mixed by Vance Powell (he’s only the engineer involved with a little band called The White Stripes). It’s pretty much awesome of the day.

I’ve been streaming it non-stop for two days.  Breezy, beach rock for the summer.  Perfect.

I’d put money on this project taking off in a big way.  You?

The Honeymoon Thrillers:  Web | Facebook | MySpace | ReverbNation | iTunes

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