New Sounds in Charlotte: Campbell the Band

Suddenly, there are a few new and exciting young music acts coming out of Charlotte.  First, Flagship…now, Campbell the Band.

Hailing from Charlotte/Concord (the same small town that spawned indie music darlings The Avett Brothers), this quintet has a sound that will make any 70s-bear-my-soul-songwriter lover happy.  Absolutely stunning vocals. Their layered harmonies stand out against a stark backdrop of simple guitars and piano. The lyrics are smart and honest, questioning and hopeful, and at times a bit sad.

Their EP Bear With Us is a pleasure to listen to.  Stand out tracks include “This Family,” a heartbreaking number that is the clearest expression of emotions laid bare in family turmoil I’ve ever heard, and “We Are Free.”  But really, they’re all quite wonderful. This is the perfect quiet Sunday afternoon music.

I usually don’t make assessments of a band until seeing them live, but there’s so much promise in Campbell the Band’s music, I think it’s safe to say they’re going to impress me…Check them out, see if you agree.

Campbell the Band:  Facebook | MySpace | Twitter | iTunes

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