Acoustic Gareth Goodness

We all know I adore him, so no need to torture you with a long post.

My good friend and fantabulous musician Gareth Asher made a stop by 106.5 The End when he was here in September. He and another favorite, Michael Tolcher, performed a bunch of acoustic songs. The good folks at 106.5 decided to record and share them. Since I left town that morning to go home because my Mom was very ill, seeing these videos makes me way happy. You can check out the whole series of five songs, but I thought I’d post my favorite of them here – a new song called “Holy Train.”

All I have to say is, “Wow.”

Thanks 106.5!

Gareth Asher: Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace
Michael Tolcher: Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace

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